We are in El Panchan which is a jungle area just outside Palenque on the edge of the national park of Maya ruins here. El Panchan is a group of “hotels” and a couple restaurants and bars where travelers converge to see the ruins.

Since we are in the jungle we have a few bugs….

Just to give you some size perspective.

We take a “colectivo” bus into the park for 10 pesos, then pay the park fee and the ruins fee for about 74 Pesos. Then we get a guide to help us understand about these ruins, the Mayans who lived here. It was a funny story as we got off the bus and immediately were beckoned by an english speaking guide…. He wanted 800 Peso for a 2 hour tour… Would have cost us on our daily budget. As we were thinking about it…… other tourist got off the buses and we had 8 more tourist join us. Took the price per person down to 80 pesos each Jose ended up being a great tour guide!! Lots of great information that gave the place much more meaning.

First look at the ruins….

Also included wandering in the jungle ….. about 15 square Km of jungle that have many more ruins. We walked up this hill and could see parts of the walls, and then on top of one was a set of stairs going into the ruins. Too dangerous to go in, but it gave you a better feel of the size of this city at one point. Very cool.

The jungle has plants and trees to watch out for. These spikes will break off in your hands.

or just interesting shapes.

Walking through the jungle.

Jose explaining how “royality” had there heads flatten while they were babies…..

The ruins were very interesting. we spent 4-5 hours there. Took way to many photos so I will only share a few more….