We left the nice jungle place. And then rode about 270 Miles north and east toward Cancun area. The weather was warm, but the road across the Yucatan was a good one.

Before we left the jungle I had to chuckle about the conditions. Can you imagine this in the US? Guess the electrical code is a bit loose around here.

Lots of fancy monuments as we enter the towns.

We see lots of 125 CC bikes with large baskets/coolers for deliveries.

In one small stretch of road I caught this street sign……

Today we went through about 6 Military check points. They have all been very fast. Normally ?De Donde Vaje? or Donde Vase? Then on we go. Other than lots of guns, we know they are just doing there job.

We get to a Pasado Hotel in town. An get a cheap room for the night. They had there Christmas tree up already

Alan owes the place and was born in Mexico City but was raised in Canada. He was really helpful.

We had fun with his kids!!

And got his kids on the bikes for a little photo.

When we were having breakfast we saw another Motorcycle rider from the US. Christian (nevadadirt on ADV) who is from Mass and riding really light around Mexico. He rode up the coast we us. Think he was glad for a little company. (took some photos on the ride up, but my SD card became unreadable on my small camera, so I lost the photos from the ride….

We rode into Tulum, and he showed us around the places he had found in the area. Wahooo Caribbean Waters and white Sand beaches.

We checked into a hotel that Alan at the last hotel called and set us for us. One block to the beach. and it was only $400 Pesos for two of us.

Then out to the beach.

Her friend sneaking up to scare her…..

This is Christian and Sam excited to be loose on the beach.

Had some great rays of sunshine through the light clouds late in the day.

Christmas even at the beach…..

We found a cheap roadside place for dinner and to celebrate getting to this side of Mexico. Plan to stay 4-5 days to rest, sit on teh beach and catch up on some emails, planning, Ride report etc.