November 26th Puyhuapi to Coyhaique

As I have continued on the Careterra Austral it has been wonderful!! As I posted a short video of the Kiwi Riders that I have met, and there knowing of “Radioman” having read my thread before they left to start there ride 5 months ago!!

Let me introduce to you . “The Kiwi Team” (less one). Ken (holding Kiwi) and Dick and Diana. The started in Vancouver BC, to Prudhoe Bay and now about to reach Ushuaia!!

If you want to read there blogs …. each one has there own, so it is cool to see the different perspectives. Check them out!!




We met up in the “hanging Glacier” park…. It has been really great to meet them, and ride together!!

The Hanging Glacier was HUGE and amazing. My photos did nto turn out well

As fellow riders …. They graciously accepted that I ride along with them!! And Off we went down the gravel road of the Ruta 7

The scenery keeps getting better. I have way too many photos to share!!

Cannot really capture the scale and size of the Valleys and Mountains….. Amazing riding!

And a bit of pavement before arriving in Coyhaique

We ate dinner at the “Casino Bomberos”…..

Diana went into the kitchen to bring out our choice of Beef cuts!!

Was a great day Meeting the Kiwi’s and sharing the ride together!! Really great!! More riding tales to come for sure!!