Riding the Careterra Austral is awesome! intially I had trouble finding the Caraterra Astrual on maps.Knew it was Ruta 7, but was not actually sure how to get to it and how to ride it!

But I did!

Stayed at Casa Lidwig. A splurge but a great B& B Luisa was wonderful and full of the history as she is a direct decendant of the founders !

Relaxed a day around town! As I said the day I arrived they were moving an old boiler that ran the saw mill. It arrived in 1938 and was in use until 1982 ….. THey moved it to the center of town as a memorial to the workers that made the town possible.

It town that had a celebration with some local dancers, and musicians playing guitar

Everyone in Town was out!!

Just a few photos from town

Then another greta dinner…..

Walked back to Casa Ludwig with a nice rainbow in my hand….

Had ridden 6 KM up the road to the local hot springs but it had closed down 🙁

View of town from Casa Ludwig

Amazing how time and weather change things.

Its Spring/Summer Bee are out!

And an awesome sunset!!

Amazing day…..