We had decided to come all the way to the Yucatan area even though we knew it would be more touristy, because we never read about other motorcycle riders coming this way, they all are heading due south.

Anyway, we wanted to take a break and relax for 4-5 days. So it was off to the beach.

Lots to look at on the beach, like the many Scuba tours coming and going. This guy had on a Sombero and all his scuba gear.

What was interesting to us is that the beach was much less populated today….. Was Sunday so we had to assume that all the US Thanksgiving tourists were leaving today.

But there were still plenty of people relaxing and enjoying the beach.

And the other touristy Activities….

Got a great swim in the ocean. Felt great!!

People all around enjoying the sunshine

and People watching

Birds overhead watching the people.