So another restful day at the beach.

We stayed at this place one block from the beach for $400 Pesos with AC/Internet/ etc. Most places are going for $900 + to the gringos, but the last place we stayed, Alan gave a call to he friend and got us a deal 🙂

We needed a break to relax….

Had a nice breakfast with coffee across the street.

then went to try and find a tire for Sam’s bike but tehy had to order it and it would take 8 days to get here. Sam was checking out the other bikes…..

Christmas at Walmart …. Sam needed to get a pair of shorts. No Snow here

Then down to the beach….

Sam got a Massage right on the beach for $23.00 US for an hour. Came back mush.

Ended up taking to some really nice woman from Seattle. Took some photos for them ….. Got them jumping
Thanks Christy and your friend (sorry I forgot your name:(

Then back to getting a bit of sun on this white body

OK….who’s coming down to join us