Ahhhhh another day at the beach. We had planned to stay 5-6 days to just rest, get some sun, fix a few things but mostly relax. And that is what we are doing!!

A buddy from home FB me a message of a few places to eat. One looked interesting, so I told Sam…. Let’s Go. We eat dinner at Alux. The restaurant is in a cenote (cave). It was a splurge from our normal budget….. But the food was great!!

after dinner the waiter gave us a tour of the caves….

You can reserve tables way into the cave. It was really cool.

Then back to the main street to listen to some music and people watch. Playa is all about people on vacation, so it is fun to just watch them. They come from all over the world to be at the beach!

Had to change a rear tail light that got broken, so I got that done in the morning while it was cool. Did not take photos of the process, as I was just getting it done. Then I went down to the beach.

Had an hour massage on the beach (another splurge). Then hung out at the beach thinking Sam would make it down soon, as he had headed off to get his riding pants sewn. But it took him all day.

So I ended up having a great day on the beach. Heard the woman next to me speaking english. Erin had a Wisconsin accent which I know, so that started the conversation. It was one of those great days that I interacted with Erin and Jennifer who both live here now. They we having a girls day at the beach!! And I got to hear the stories of their lives living here. Really great conversations! Love that on my journey I have met such interesting people.

Thanks you two for making my afternoon at the beach a great day!!