Sucre to Tupiza, Bolivia (just an hour from the Argentina Border)

Someone asked about parking on Hostels and hotels. It has always been interesting!! The hostel in Potosi was interesting as we stayed at the Koala den and they had us park in the “annex” hostel. Took a little video as we were leaving the hostel. It is a smugmug video so I am not sure that this will work….

Anyway. I left Sucre, Bolivia and had to backtrack 90 miles to Potosi before riding south toward the Bolivian Border. Was a Sunday morning so traffic was light riding out of town.

But the sheep and Donkeys don’t care

Back to Potosi at 4,300 Meters. Claiming the highest city in the world….

Interesting archway on the way into town.

I stopped for Gas in town, and the lady hesitated, but then filled my tank, and only charged me the local price!!

The road south is a nice paved road with hardly anyone else out. Was 70 degrees and beautiful day to ride!

The landscape changes to colored mountains and dramatic views.

I arrived to the town of Tupiza, Bolivia and stayed at the Hotel Mitru Nice palce with a parking area and a pool!

Was good to sit outside and catch some sunshine. Some other British, Polish, and Belgian tourists were doing the same.

Relaxed in the afternoon, and enjoyed the sunshine!