Bolivia was an interesting place with lots of varied terrain and riding. The issues with Gas and threat of Strikes ended up being no problem for me. Some of the issues are just hard to understand. The other observation is that we had radical varying interactions with local people. They were either very very nice or not. It was the first place that has felt this way on my travels thus far. occasionally you had someone not real nice or interactive, but very rarely. In Bolivia we were flipped off twice, and many times people just said NO….. and sent you on your way. Not too welcoming. Seems to be a real part of half the people. But still had a great time in Bolivia and these were only my observations (but spoke with other travelers that had a very similar experience.

Just one more Gas stop in Tupiza before riding into Argentina. Normally I try to fill up as I enter a town so I am ready to go, but did not see a gas station before reaching the hotel. No problem, will get in in the am on the way out of town.

Well. As i ride out of town….. I see the two gas stations with huge lines Then I see another “grande Moto” at the station. I have not seen one on the entire time in Bolivia… So I roll up to say Hello! This is Alain (french but lives in Cali, Columbia).

He arrived yesterday but they had no gas in town at all. So he stayed the night. As I was saying hello the GAs truck pulls up and starts pumping into the station. Alain had his extra tanks out and they agreed to fill them. He offered me 5 Liters of his fuel…. Awesome!! We filled his tank and he actually had about 8 liters left for my tank! The kindness of other riders! Great. Skipped the big lines. Alain was headed north so we said our goodbyes!!

This is what the lines looked like (of course I skipped to the front! )

Great start to me day!! headed south to the Border town of Villazon

Had to stop and pay a 3 Boliviano toll to ride south.

Ok paid, they lowered the rope “gate” so we could pass.

Just 100Km down the road is Villazon, the border town. Looking forward to entering Argentina.

I pull up to the border and the policia tell me to cross the bridge and then the immigration is on the right side.

As I wait, I ask the Policia and they say that the office for Bolivia Exit is first, then 10 steps and office of Argentina entrance is right there

Takes just 20 minutes and I have been stamped out of Bolivia and into Argentina. Aduana (customs) is in the buildings to the left. I walk over and hand in my Bolivia Aduana paperwork…. 2 minutes and I am done

Then walk down 20 steps to the Argentina Aduana. I go in the office…. and they wave me to a seat. I wait and the young guy has lots of paperwork on his desk. I sit for 15 minutes before he really looks at me….. fortunately I policia is watching my bike, although many people stop to have a look.

Finally I hand him my Registration and Title copy. He asks me if I have insurance. No. I need it, and it is not at the border, I have to go to town to get it. Leave the bike and take a taxi to the border town…… Ok…

I took a taxi into town and he took me to the 3 Insurance offices. None of them could do Moto Insurance Now what. My spanish is not very good….. So this could be tough. Juluy is 3-4 hours drive south if they make me go get it….. Yikes. Had the cab stop at ATM for cash…. Then back to the Border Aduana office. Fortunately, the young guy is gone, but a really nice older guy is there. He saw me before, takes my copies of the registration and title and does my Aduana paperwork (never asks for insurance information! ) I get my paperwork, one of the otehr guys walks out with me to the bike, checks the VIN and then looks very briefly at one of my bags …..(had heard they really search you gear…. talked later to a guy from UK in a car and they made him take everything out!)

Great all done in 1.5 hours including taxi to town!! On my way into Argentina!!

Hey look. Just 5121 KM to Ushuaia!!

The elevation is getting slightly lower as I ride south.

But the scenery is really cool. The “painted hills” are awesome as I ride south.

Just a few hours and I arrive in the town of Tilcara.

Found a hostel .

It is a funky little place run by Diego. Great guy! I had a cabana with bathroom private in the back to myself for $100 Argentina Pesos ($21.27 USD) ! many other travelers staying. We ended up having dinner together. 3 from Germany, 1 from Italy, 1 from Denmark, 1 from UK, 1 from Canada and me !! Had a great dinner and shared a few bottles of wine! Great night.