Enjoying my time in northern Argentina, but it is a time that I am on my own. Have not seen any other moto travelers days without speaking much english, but it is a good time of reflection on my journey and taking in the culture here in Argentina.

There are always things you think about on a ride like this. I have met some very interesting people, enjoyed traveling with some amazing people and sharing the experiences which is really great.

I had not done any research about this northern part of Argentina as most of my focus was on the Lake District, and southern Chile, Patagonia. So this is interesting to just be taking it in.

As part of my trip, I spend some of my time reading books about things I see or learn along the way. I have been reading “CHE” for the past few weeks as you see his image all over Central and South America. It is interesting to be reading it while riding through some of the areas he traveled not only in Motorcycle Diaries, but as he changed into a Guerrilla fighter for Socialist change. He was a brutal killer of people that did not adhere to the “Revolutionary Fight”

Had a good parking patio at the Hotel in Salta, But it was a narrow ride through the hall, dining room and out the front door. If the bike was any bigger it would not have made it!

The 186 KM road riding south to the wine area and town of Cafayate. Was beautiful once you got 30-40 miles from Cafayate. As I got on my bike in the morning, I felt so grateful to me able to make this ride today!!

The colors of the mountains went from red with lots of greenery.

to Huge formations jutting up out of the earth.

Beautiful relaxed ride….. Just a great visual ride!

Some of the road was washed out, but good smooth dirt riding.

The entrance to the “Garganta del Diablo” (not the Iguazu falls)

Pleasure to enjoy the warm temps and sunshine as I had a few hour ride to Cafayate.


The photos do not do it Justice.

As the road starts to emerge from the mountains to the valley the rocks fade into the plains.

And at the edge of town the wineries start!

Found a great hotel in town. Was a bit more money but has A/C, WIFi and nice gardens. Great place to stay for a few days.

Met a Dutch couple staying at the hotel and had dinner with them! Leo and Viola Always great to share the trip with other travelers!!