Stayed with “Nixel” in Oakland. Here were his comments:”Mark showed up Saturday evening just after the larryboy clan arrived. He managed to make it through dangerous W. Oakland without incident!

It was a very formal affair.

larryboy loves being in the limelight

Mark showed larryboy and bob the tomato a few pix of his trip on his camera.

Yesterday, Mark sat down and did the analog thing between posting on FB and here. He’s multi-talented – pens or pixels!

– we spoke about the possibility of this trip about 3 years ago.

nomiles, me and Mark at lunch back then:

It was great to see Mark on his way back from his trip – thanks for stopping and sharing some of the stories that didn’t make it onto the thread!

Mark’s a regular guy!

Enjoy the rest of your trip, Mark – and watch out for those dangerous neighborhoods!

And my comments on Monday to Roseville.

Returning to Roseville to stay with IceCreamSoldier and Family and the chance to meet up with the 4th grade class (now 6th Grade)

Paul even got a 6:30 AM RSVP text

Long Story, but the kids are at a different school Now, and ICS contacted the school to arrange the “radiomanReturns” meeting. They just did not get it, and the arrangements would have been to difficult and awkward….. So the Rebel that ICS is…. He said, we will just have it at our house!

The kids arrive to see the Bike in the Garage….. Then into the house for Snacks

Then a bit of a recap of the Journey, some Photos, and short videos!

And ICS, had prepared a poster for the kids to write or draw on in appreciation…

Once again the kids words are very profound! Note: I had promised the kids I would come back after my ride was finished…. They remembered and commented!!

Imagine. Was over two years since I first met them, and shared my story! It their lives that is a very long time!

Maybe some future women riders of the world?

Love this one !

Radioman got a few Hearts!

And the real view and understanding of a long journey!

I am touched that the Kids are interested and that some of them with their parents are following along. Hopefully, the few key points I shared with them will stick and help them see the world anew, and improve their lives and provide them with encouragement to live their dreams!

What a great way to spend the afternoon yesterday!!
Then Motokeith stopped by for a chat!!

. Short ride this afternoon, then northward… I know which way I am going