Cusco…. Staying in the City for awhile

Part of traveling is taking time to enjoy the surroundings, the people and the places. Cusco is an inter nation Destination in South America because to the proximity to Machu Picchu. It has a cool colonial feel in the heart of the city. It is also full of tourists from all over coming to trek, sightsee etc. Just the facts.

The Plaza de Armas is a great spot to hang out day and night.

Great architecture ……

And it has gathering places like the Norton Rats Pub with a long history of motorcycle travelers coming through.

I hung out their last night and met “V” from NJ and some of his local friends, and a few other travelers as well.

The colorful dress of the local Peruvian women with their bags tied over their backs….

more traditionally dress people around the park, but some is just based on tourism….

These nice ladies let me take their photo….. But of course they wanted some Soles for the privilege…. I hardly ever do this, but wanted a shot close up of the Llama’s with their Earings to show someone owns them.

Lots of cobblestone streets

and sections that they are rebuilding by hand.

I like the stone facades and wooden windows.

Big fountain in the middle of the square.

Spent the day enjoying some sights and arranging more spanish school. I start tomorrow for 8 days of spanish classes…. Know that it will tax my brain, but be helpful in getting to know more, and be able to communicate!