Machu Picchu!!!

Machu Picchu being a huge tourist destination has it’s patterns. For the day you have booked and paid your $152 Soles you want to get up early 5AM as the first bus leaves at 5:30. Hoping to see sunrise over MP…. I have hundreds of photos, but will only show a few….. Amazing place!

We got there at 5:05 and the line had already started. We got on the second bus up the hill (cost $8 USD but considering you would be hiking all day it was smart to do that….the return? you can hike the stairs down if you have the energy).

We stopped to get a coffee …… The three of us had a great time!

Excited to be on the nice bus heading up the hill.

The crowds are just the way of life in a place like this.

(Do not forget to ask for a Map of the site as you go in…. We did not, and luckily another tourist walked back and got us one!)

at 6AM….. It was all clouded in. So we decided to head up to the “sun Gate” which is high up to the east where many Inca trail hikers come into the site and see the sun rise. we had a few glimpses of mountains as we hiked. Hoping for full sunshine as we got up to the top.

But it was fun to see the clouds keep changing and moving!

Mike and Jill as we approached the Gate. You can see it in the background in the clouds!

Once up to the gate there were 50-60 hikers from all over the world who had hiked in….. waiting for the sun. They were chanting “machu Picchu, Machu Picchu!” and having fun.

Clouds, mountains and some sunshine!!

We decided to walk back down and hope for more clearing! Was a cool and wonderful Morning!

Some flowers growing out of the rocks.

All smiles!

As we got back to the main entrance area……. It was really clearing !

And a Llama was there to greet us as well!

We were early and there were not too many tourist yet!

It is an amazing place to see.

so much to take in….

The mountain in the background is called Waynu Picchu. You need to get an addition to your ticket to go up this, but it is highly recommended!! But it is 1-1.5 hour hike up really steep stairs to the top. They only allow 400 to climb per day so you have to book in Cusco ahead of time. We were in the 10Am group.

Here is the map. You can just go up and back for 2-5 hours or do the loop to Gran Caverna which is a 4 hour loop, and you go to the top, down the back and then back up. It is a real thigh burner. Wore me out, but really glad I did it!

You have to sign in and out of the hike incase you do not make it

The view most of the way up. Spectacular!!

Deserves a Jump!! wahoo! Very cool place to see!

The site is to the right and the left you can see the bus route up the hill!

One of the highlights of the tourist sites that I have seen! Really great! so glad to have made this ride up and seen it. Really thankful to share the time with Mike and Jill as well!! We also met Joe on the trail on Waynu Pichu who was a good guy!

The experience was certainly made richer by spending time with Mike and Jill! thanks you two!!