So after a great day in MP, we headed back to Aguas to spend the night. We had hiked all day and needed the rest!! The next morning we walked back out along the train tracks to Santa Teresa, picked up our bikes and rode to Ollantaytambo!

Back out the dirt road to Santa Maria….

Fun ride. But it was a hot day….

Mike and Jill enjoying some of my dust

In Santa Maria, at this green building is where you turn a hard left out to Santa Teresa!

We rode back up the mountain pass …. Great day clear almost all the way to the top!!

Just another reminder. There are many spillways across the road, some with water some without. Some are really slippery …

Here I am going through one. Picture thanks to Jill

Our timing was good as we could see the rain coming in behind us!!

We stopped for a snack, and to put a layer on…. We are climbing now!

Glimpses of the mountains and glaciers in front of me.

The Top as a good elevation!!

Then down the hill into Ollantaytambo

What a great road!!

Then into Ollantaytambo. Busy with tourists and selling things!

We got into busy town and notice Mike is parking under the No Parking sign

Jill had a great smile, but lots of my dust on her face!

We stayed a few blocks from town square. Fortunately Mike and Jill are good shoppers and bargainers got a room for 60 Soles for 3.

Then a really great walk about town. It is a cool little town which was great for an evening!

Mike decided he needed to borrow a cart to drive us to dinner and back

Over a stone wall, life goes on. Laundry hanging…

Cool doorways

Mike fooling around with the sign……

and we continued our walk.

Ran into a family from California that had been staying in Cusco while I was there, and they gave us a great restaurant recommendation.

Another great day on the road!!

OOPS I forgot a few photos.

Awesome Rainbow!!

and a Llama in the mist :0