Pisac back to Cusco on to Arequipa!

After I left Mike and Jill in Pisac it was a 1/2 ride over the hills to Cusco. I had left some gear at Cusco and needed to go back to get it.

It was a nice ride, as I got higher up into the hills some dark clouds formed, and I had a bit of rain and then a big hail and the temps dropped.

Back in Cusco the sun was out. I arrived, got the bike in the garage at Southern Comfort Hostel, and it poured rain in Cusco for a couple hours. was glad I had stopped for the day

Next morning I was up early to hit the road riding 600 KM to Arequipa to meet up with Hector who was waiting for me. I met Hector while young James and I were in Quito. I helped him spend his money on a KTM 990 When I arrived, at Home Sweet Home Hostel, they are waiting for me.

At the Hostel Hector was joined by Matias. They met and rode in Bolivia. Matias has been in South America for about 10 months and is now riding north toward Alaska. Hopefully some of you ADV riders will get the opportunity to meet and host him!! Great guy!

As we talked and got reconnected. Hector had told me had a little get off on his way north in the Atacama desert and hurt his shoulder. OUCH.Went to Doctor and had X ray to find out he had partial dislocated shoulder. So he needs 2 weeks off the bike.

We decided to take a trip to Colca Canon, but since Hector could not ride. We signed up for a two day trip including one night in Chivay with Hot Springs. How bad could it be?

as the tour guide said over and over. “ladies and Gentleman. the Most important thing to know is, the Vicuna in this beautiful Area…….. The Most Important thing to know is the Chivay region, the Condors, the Banos…. We laughed very hard

Volcanos in the area

Of course the stops included the Tourist trap of vendors.

Going into Chivay (“The Most Important ……) Had to pay 70 Soles park entrance. (only 20 if you are Peruvian)

Main Plaza in Chivay.

Coco candy, teas etc.

Then a couple hours at the Hot Springs!! Felt great!

We were almost the last to leave!

After we got back to the Hostel, I started not to feel Well

No Photo. actually it was a bad night as nothing was really coming out either end and I felt terrible. Hector and Matias were great! I have only had a few sicknesses on the trip, once Bad in Mexico, once in Quito. Not much sleep and no relief.

Burt we were up at 6am to go see the condors of Colca Valley “the Most important place in this valley is the Condor Crossing”