Finally sitting in a cafe in Sucre, Bolivia and have a decent internet connection Time to get updated on the past 10 days of my time in Bolivia.I am always amazed at how much people carry on there backs. La Paz is at 12,000 feet or so. Look at this load. WOW.

We spent another day checking out La Paz. It is a big city and had lots to see on foot.

we walked by a Kansas City BBQ. Jill is from KS. Had to take the photo. Too bad it was not open yet!!

La Paz is on a large valley, spread on top, and both sides. about 2 million people.

They carry lots of goods like this……

Our last stop in town was a visit to the Coca Museum. Was interesting reading the history of the local use of Coca Leaves as a “chew” that had good effects for helping oxygenate the blood at high altitude, and provide energy. Then the uses in pharmaceuticals, and then in Coca Cola, then the UN ban on Coca and use of Cocaine ….

Was warned the Gas would be an issue in Bolivia on two counts. 1) finding stations that would sell it to you (even at 2-3 times the listed price ) 2) that the quality and octane was very low. So I stocked up on some Octane boost. Will talk more on Gas availability in a bit.

As we leave La Paz we will be heading here ……….

All packed up in the lobby before heading out.

Like all big cities…. you have to get through the traffic to get out of town. Sometimes it is really hard to find the best route out. GPS worked OK to get us out of town.

At the edge of town headed for Coroico, had to stop at Police stop. They wanted to see my license.

On the right road headed up higher into the mountains….

Mike needed to adjust his carb’s as the fuel mixture was causing him problems….

Back into the higher altitudes ……. My bike is running great with just minimal power loss. Amazing riding at this high altitude for days on end. Nothing in the US like this kind of altitude on any road.

Over the pass, and then we ride down this cool valley. Photos do not do it justice.

Remember we are 14-15 K and the hills around are much higher!!

Another control point, but we are waved through…

We stopped for fuel at a small spot near the entrance to “road of death” sort of filling up at every chance, and have 3 extra gallons as well. Since we do not know if we can get gas and where they are….. They charged us 2.5 times listed price. Hard to know all the factors, but we were told that because of past supply shortages and visitors from neighboring countries looking for cheaper gas, they had rules that foreigners pay more or some stations cannot sell it.

The starting point for the “Road of Death”. It got its name because 25-30 people a year used to go over the edge when it was the only road. Now the other paved hwy goes on the other side of the valley so this road is primarily used by Mountain bike tour companies touting it’s name and danger!

Here is a glimpse looking from the top. It is about 30 miles or so down to Corioco.

Been planning on this road since the start of my trip. But I also know there are many roads that have the same or more exposure. This one has the name.

It is hard to capture the exposure of 1500-2000 feet straight down. If you go wide or lose control off you go.

Jill took this photo which sort of shows the reality!

It just keeps heading down the valley….

Sitting on the edge…

Was a fun ride!!

Some of the mountain bikers.

One girl had dumped her bike as we went around…. They all get a shirt that says they survived the “road or death” Bolivia.

Once down into the bottom, you arrive at Corioco. a cool little town.

My buddy Hector had ridden this and told us about a nice hostel. Hostal Sol Y Luna

Location: S16 11.891 W67 43.430

Bike parking near the reception. Another big bike owned by Peter from Eastern Europe who is touring South America.

I paid 120 Bolivianos ($17.90 USD for a big room with Bathroom) Best bed I have slept on for the entire trip!!

You ride up the hill and through the lush semi tropical area to arrive at a little Oasis in the hills.

It is friendly, has good WIFI and great views. Is a place you could stay a few days!!

and of course a place to smell the flowers

Was a great day riding out into the rural area of Bolivia!