The Yungas is the area that Coroico is located. It is a semi tropical area it huge valleys that separate villages. It is about 180 Miles of gravel, rocky roads that go up and down from 9,000 feet to 4,000 feet. it is a 2-3 day ride depending ….. No need to rush.

We started the day having breakfast in town. We parked in front of the Majors office 🙂 but were asked to move ….. We did with a smile.

Then we headed south on some beautifully scenic roads… toward Chullimani, Bolivia. the large road to the left is the “death road” bypass, the small road to left is death road.

Overlooking the valley below.

Road was gravel, fine dust, rocky etc. Switchbacking up and down the hills and valleys.

I think in Chullimani, Mike and Jill Loaded up on some Coca leaves, and an older couple come up to talk. The have a daughter in LA that they will be visiting soon.

They were very friendly and kind!! It has been an interesting time with people in Bolivia. We have had about 50 /50 with people very friendly and warm and others not so nice as I will talk about a bit later on. The extremes are interesting.

Mike and Jill with a fresh supply of coca leaves and some additives….

The colorful local folks walking by.

Through the paved part of town. Mikes Mapset and GPS were better at getting as onto the right roads.

Was really hard to capture the sense of the vastness and beauty of this area. Trust me it was awesome. Some of the roads had all the exposure of the death road, which is why you read that there are many of these types of roads in Bolivia.


Not for the faint of heart!

We stopped in a small town for lunch. The best option is the Menu de dia. It was 15 Bolivianos ($2.18 USD) for Soup, Main dish of usually chicken or thin beef grilled + rice, Potato and or Banana’s.

The soups are very good, but always have a big piece of ??? as a surprise!

Every once in a while a sign. we were shooting to ride to Cajuata to find a plac eto stay for the night.

Down the dusty roads we ride…..

Was really great to be riding with Mike and Jill. Mike speaks good spanish. which helps in finding directions and figuring out options. Plus it really has made this part fo my journey great sharing it with these two adventurous travelers!! Thanks you two!!

The roads just keep climbing the hills or switchbacking us to the bottom to cross over the rivers and up the other sides.

Stopping to enjoy the views!

Stopping to ask directions…. Yes carry on. The road got real rocky as it headed down in this valley. Was wondering if we are on the right “road” but it hooked back up to another road later on that seemed right.

This is coca growing country. We saw lots of crops terraced up the hills, and also drying along the road.

The roads just kept going ………

Changing textures and road composites around each bend.

In through another town at the bottom of a hill, then back up into remote areas.

every once in awhile we would pass a bus along these dirt roads.

We arrived in Cajuata around 5:30. The only hostel in town was full, as there was a big festival the next day. Fortunately for Mikes spanish, the lovely manager Marta said we could stay in the large store room if we wanted for 25 Bolvianos (3.65 USD). She then found a bed for me in a shared room upstairs, while Mike and Jill stayed in storage room!

After a long days ride, I headed to the local store for some water, Beer and snacks.

lots of bulk pasta and grains for sale.

Mike and Jill, Sitting out from enjoying the rest.

The local kids joined us sitting outside ….

As there was a TV set up outside for everyone to watch. Of course the kids had questions about our bikes, travels etc. Working on my spanish, and Mike jumping in to help translate as the questions grew! Great night in a small town!

A view down on our bikes, and kids watching TV

In the morning our bikes were still there….

Marta the Manager was really nice, as she let us use her shower and bathroom instead of the “rustic” ones for the other guests.

In the morning she offered us coffee and breakfast. Fresh eggs!

The kitchen

Marta and another lady cooking breakfast.

Chickens coming to check out what was going on and looking for food.

Mike and Jill enjoying breakfast.

Nice view out over the surrounding area.

With our gracious host!

Turning bikes around.

Then a ride right through the main street that was in full festival swing. Lots of funny looks riding big bikes through the cross. Thanks Jill for the photos!

Then back on the road in the morning headed for Quime.

Some nice little water crossings.

The terrain keeps changing.

Rode into another small town. Kids were playing. They looked like they were having a great time rolling old Moto tires up and down the road!

Just another day riding the roads in The Yungas!

We are at the top of one hill, and you can see the switchbacks on the other side of the hill. Down 3,000 feet, then up 3,000 feet!

Kind of sandy uphills.

Really spectacular views.

More roads cutting across the sheer rock faces.

riding the dusty roads!

Then we arrived to Quime. Has a nice little square.

found a hotel in town with Parking. Single room was 100 Bolivianos ($14.60 USD)

They had a monkey tethered to the garage door….

It liked Jill.

But as i approached…. Not so much!

Tried to find internet ….. at the local Library. But no Wifi so it kept me from updating my ride report.

Always interesting sights like this “manhole cover”

The typical Bolivian Woman with her Bowler hat on. Not sure how they keep them on in the wind?

and the local color selling all kinds of goods on the street.

Including bulk eggs! None of the eggs get refrigeration at all.

Another great day riding in the Yungas.