Cusco….. Still here

Always different stopping in a place for a time. Have spanish class everyday from 8:30 -12:30, then time to explore and connect with others!

Doing my Spanish school here. Meeting some interesting people from Denmark, Holland, Germany, Canada, Israel!!

Time to relax and have some tea made of Coco. Helps to adjust to the 11,000 + foot elevation

Common drink up here

Wandering around seeing the sights of the city.

Amazing the size and fit of the stones…

Sunday afternoon I walked down to the Plaza de Armas, and enjoyed a parade.

Lots of color and costumes to enjoy!

At the same time just taking it all in!

Peruvian Flag as well as the flag of Cusco.

Love the way they create locking hasps. This looks like 1 1/2″ rebar…

Lots of great food to try out from the local vegetarian place for $2.00 USD lunch

To buildings around the city is disrepair ….

or just interesting buildings. The blue paint is popular here!

To really fancy restaurants with Amazing food, like this grilled Alpaca!! Yummy!

Enjoyed this fancy meal with David and Mathias. David is my classmate in Spanish school. Great young guys from Denmark who are here to explore, study spanish and work in an Orphanage!