Whenever you travel, part of the journey includes all the logistics. In a international Tourist area like Cusco, it is a full on process. As you walk down through Plaza De Armas you are hit up by the touts for everything from Travel agent Tours, Restaurants, Massages, money exchange, money, pictures with locally dressed people and their Llama’s etc. It is the way it works, you have money and they want to get some of it while you are here.

Of course the big reason to be in Cusco is Machu Picchu and the sacred valley of the inca culture. People come from all over the world to see one of the Seven wonders. The challenge comes with trying to figure out how much time and money to spend to see this place. As a long term traveler you need to watch what you spend in a different way than if you were on a couple week vacation.

After arriving I started asking around, reading, googling and asking advice from other recent travelers. Slowly getting a grip on all that needs to happen to make the trip there. Another motorcycle couple (csustewy on ADV) are on there way over from Lima later this week, so we decided to travel together up to MP. Since I am here, it is best that I make the arrangements as you need to purchase tickets in Advance for the entrance to Machu Picchu and also Huayna Picchu which is the big hill next to MP that gives you amazing view back, but is extra and has limited space.

Finally got it figured out. Booked the tickets online and then needed to go to the INC tourist office and pay with 6 hours to confirm the reservation. It costs S152 ($60.00) per person.

It is a nondescript office down a slight side street. Leo who runs the tour agency at the hostal I am staying at helped me with this and got the address for me.

But was able to get this part of the Machu Picchu visit done. Tickets in hand!!

One of the useful sites I found was this one:…chu/index.html

Young James sent me a detailed description of how to ride to the Hydro Electric plan need Aguas Calientes and park our bikes. Supposed to be a beautiful ride up the valley ……

Still logistics on lodging in Agua Caliente, bus ticket, train ticket or walking from Hydro to Aguas to get worked out but know that this will be an amazing sight to see!

Sunday off to do my spanish homework, review all my gear and get rid of stuff as needed, read, write and walk about town.

Did also meet up with David from the UK last night for dinner and a couple beers!