Headed out of Challapata in the morning. We decided to ride the direct route, knowing it was a dirt and gravel road. We were told 3-4 hour for the 120 miles (and on big moto probably 3 )

So down the valley we go. There was a military checkpoint just outside of town.

We stopped in a small town and had breakfast on the street. people were friendly here. As in many towns, there are lots of items for sale on the street. Fresh fruit out of the back of the truck. Pineapples, watermelons etc.

Just a bit more pavement as we head south.

Then the pavement ends at the sign to Uyuni. 164 Km to go.

Hard to capture road conditions …. But it is a gravel washboard with many places of sandy covering the washboard. about 20 miles south of Challapata the sand gets worse.

One place was really deep……. Ooops front end just dove out from under me. Had to step back and get the photo.

Jill snaps a photo to capture the moment!

Yup its deep! Glad Mike and Jill were there to help me right the bike.

Off we ride through some more patches of deep sand. No more get off’s as I figure out how the ride through this stuff.

The washboard gets rougher as we go. But we are committed to riding it!

Very cool flat plains….

it was 120 miles like this.

Always looking for a less rough line. Have to be careful of the berms and sand.

Great views as we head south…..

Got to be careful of the sandy corners

The rough washboards are taking a toll on my Cusco addition to the bike. He lost all his lower teeth and broke off his feet, pan flute and base. Was time to set him free! He was really banging around on the windshield.

Left him at Mile marker 140KM. He will watch over the traffic here ! Say Hello if you ride by

We continue on riding toward Uyuni. Rattling our way …..

finally we are close to Uyuni, and see a sign to the Salar.

for some reason we did not really think about this being the entrance that we needed to take so we carried on the last 20 Km to the town of Uyuni. It was some of the roughest rough for the day…….

It does not look too rough. But it certainly is.

Almost to Uyuni!!

Into town we go.

We get set up in a Hostel. I opt for the nice place. Most I have spent on a room for many months, but they were the only place in town with WIFI. It was a great place but cost me $40 USD. After getting settled, we decided to fill up with gas. Tried two gas stations in town, but they said they could not sell to us. So we went to the last one….. Big lines

As we got in the left hand fill lane (it was way shorter) and the attendant was awesome as he waved us up to the front since we would only take a little gas….. 10-12 liters versus the tour jeeps that were loading hundreds of liters of fuel each! Yea to the gas attendant. Again the contrast to being flipped off yesterday for no apparent reason.

Hello Kitty Close to her destination!!

Coming up next….. Salar de Uyuni!!