On the road again!

Decided I could get stuck in Sydney for a long time, so I needed to hit the road while I had a bit of good weather to ride south!

Riding out of Sydney. Lots of warnings about Speed cameras

You see lots of Postie bikes out delivering mail.

Then I had a great ride through Royal National park

Got to this look out, met matttherat and several other riders. Beautiful place.

Then a paraglider took off…. Looked like fun!

Continued my ride down the coast road!

Rode out to Kiama lighthouse and Blowhole.

You could hear the “whoosh” and thump just before the water shoots skyward.

Then onto Gerringong.

Was told I needed to stop and eat at Werri Beach fish shop!

As I pulled up there was an 1150GS in front, so I knew it was a good place! I met Theiry and his friend (sumo SP?) they were on a 10 day ride in OZ. He is living in Taiwan, working. Was great to meet them. Theiry has been inolved with Horizon Unlimited in Europe…. so it was fun to chat about riding!

I arrived at Lee’s Shed which he generously offered as a place to stay on my way south.

Arrived before sunset. Now I have been here via Air and ground 🙂

A very peaceful place!