Perito Moreno (town) to Gobenador Gregores

RUTA 40 Riding south…….

We headed out of Perito Moreno in the morning riding Ruta 40. Had 40+ miles of pavement as we headed out acorss the plains. Yup with had a good day, not too much wind that Ruta 40 is know for….

Then gravel……. for 30-40 miles

it was a mix of hard hard pack and loose stones on top, to deeper gravel….

But as I had read, you ride along stretches of the new Ruta 40 that parallels the gravel. So tempting to sneak over adn ride it….. But lots of barriers of dirt, rocks, ditches…..

Some wildlife along the Ruta. This Vicuna did not make it over the fence….

It is cool to be riding the famous Ruta 40 …… on the gravel. In jsut a few years it appears it will all be paved.

Lots of wide open spaces. We are glad that the wind is not too bad today as we ride the ever changing gravel. The deeper gravel has us gripping tight ….. until we tell ourselves to relax and ride! (I imagine it happens to everyone).

Just going and going….

Then Ken and his bike decide to take a nap He hit a berm of loose gravel and it took out his front wheel. Down he went. Fortunately he was OK…. and we picked it up and continue.

It is hard to tell from the first photo but he is on the bank of gravel that was graded out…. His bike is full of small rocks…

But with smiles Ken takes a few photos! Yup it happened

off we go with a bit of trepidation…..

We stopped to talk with some other bikers headed north… They are from Argentina!! Great guys!

Yea…. We are on our Moto’s riding Ruta 40!!

They told us just another 5- 7 Km the road goes to Pavement…. Ken kissing the pavement … happy to be back on Stable ground again!

We continue on. We see mileage signs counting down 1007, 1006, 1005, 1005 So we think great we will stop at 1000KM Mile marker for Ruta 40 for a photo…. Someone Stole it So we did the next best thing….

KIWi finds a big bug….

Just checking my GPS. 82 Km straight line to next stopping point. and Ushuaia is 750KM ,,,,

Riding at least 1218KM…

Some pavement, then 72 KM gravel to town….

We met Richard from South Africa on the road. He is pushing a 3 wheel pram, started in Usuaia and going to Ecuador and will climb a mountain upon arriving. He had walked 50 KM for the day….

More gravel… Lots of construction and the road is changing all the time.

Rolled into town, for an Apartment to rent…. Settled in for the night.