I wrapped up my time in the south Island staying with Yvonne and Ken. They were wonderful hosts and have been following along since I met Dick and Diana in Chile! Thanks for the wonderful Dinner, Conversations and place to sleep!!

Really enjoyed our time together

They even pulled the car out of the garage to put my bike it

Wednesday AM I met up with Mike and His dad Dale for a cup of coffee in Picton. They are doing a NZ tour and it was great to meet them!!

Ride Safe! Sent them off to French Pass…. another great day to ride!

Took a short ride with them before I needed to get back to the ferry to Wellington.

Picton is really a lovely little town.

Rolled onto the ferry. Parked and strapped down my bike.

Then enjoyed the 3 hour ride across the bay and straights to Wellington!

Have developed a bit of a clicking noise from the rear of the bike, and cannot figure it out. Fortunately Ken got ahold of the BMW guys in Wellington and I will take it in this AM to try and figure it out. Hopefully it is nothing serious

** Since I pulled the fuel pump (Christchurch) for a look, I have not had any starting issues so maybe my messing with the fuel filter solved the issue? But we will see how the next week of riding goes!