Stayed in Port Campbell for two nights due to the great weather. Since the weather is colder (40F at night) I took a motel.

And to follow up. Beer in the Bottleshop here is $19.00 for a six pack of my Favorite Coopers Sparkling

Nice Sunset as I relax, do some paperwork and sip a Coopers.

Switched my Cel phone over to a Telstra Prepaid for better coverage around Australia.

It rained really hard last night so I was glad that I was in a motel. The morning had some wind, but the sights were still great!

I just rode up the way 80KM to Port Fairy. Great big beach.

Dodged a few showers and kept to the blue sky

Arrived Early in town, so I had time to explore the area, have some mid day “tea”

Meat Pies….. Traditional fare

Stayed next door to the Oldest Hotel in Victoria and will stop in later for a pint and some Friday night Music!

Nice sunset to end the day!