Pucon, Argentina to San Martin de Los Andes

Hated to leave the nice little town of Pucon, but needed to continue south! Another Rider Conor had been here early in the year and suggested that I ride to the town on Puerto Fuy and catch the ferry up the lake that ended just 30 miles from San Martin de los Andes. Always good to get route suggestions.

I headed off in the morning along some great local roads. The volcano from another view point.

Road through a few little towns and around some lake. It was a great ride!!

Another Volcano in the distance as I road the 120 KM to Puerto Fuy.

Great roads! and views. Fell like I am at home on these roads!

Then the last 40 Km of gravel road to get to Puerto Fuy

Arrived early and enjoyed the views….

Time for a little desayuno (breakfast) overlooking the lake.

Fun watching the locals move the logs up onto the beach the old fashion way

Then we loaded the ferry (the cars and trucks back on) for the 1:30 Minute ride up the lake toward Argentina

Up the lake we go!

Was a beautiful ride along the lake….

Once off the ferry, just another 50 KM of gravel road, including a stop at the Border for Chile and Argentina. Was really fast exit and entrance!!

Less than 30 minutes for both borders!

Loving the ride!

Then into San Martin De los Andes. Nice small town. Had a bit of trouble as the couple Hostels I had noted were either closed or no one answered!! So I ended up at a hotel in town. Had walk walk about town…Then dinner! Met a swiss couple and there friend from Chile that were on the ferry, at the border then at the same Hotel, and at the Irish pub in town. They bought me a couple beers Was fun!