Puerto Guadal, Chile to Perito Moreno, Argentina

Some days are just spectacular in so many way. This was one of them!! My new KIWI friends and I are having a great time together! Really these are the biggest joys of traveling is meeting new interesting people and sharing time together riding, laughing, sharing life stories and enjoying the experiences!! so Grab your coffee and have a look

We Splurged and stayed at Terra Luna on the lake. It was an amazing afternoon and evening with an incredible view.

On our way out of Puerto Guadal to the Terra luna (6Km or so) they were doing road construction and had just laid down a few feet of heavy gravel for the road. The grader was coming through to level it off. We waited at the construction zone, and then the flagman told us to go. I was leading and off we go….. As I approach the grader, I stop and he stops. He is looking at me, like I am not moving, then head nodded to the right sort of toward the ditch, that I needed to go there…. I did, but it was too heavy and deep. I got down and around him, but as I turned up into the hill of loose fill, I took a little tip over….. Dick and Ken helped me right the bike, and get it up the hill onto the flat surface. Dick, went left, but got stuck a bit and we pushed him up. Ken was the smartest, and motioned for the Grader driver to move out of the way…. He rode right through

Terra Luna for a big splurge. Say Hello to Crystal for us!!

Jumping for joy!!

It is a great place!

In the morning KIWI was a bit hung over…. We were all fine!!

I had the upper room, with great Duvet and comfortable bed!

We awoke to Blue skies and nice temps!

So we set off for the ride around the side of the lake toward Chice Chico, Chile and then into Perito Moreno in Argentina

The beauty is beyond words!



It seemed to get better and better. It was only 120 KM of gravel road to Chili Chico but it was fantastic

Both forward and backwards…..

A dusty road at times, with some light truck and car traffic, but it was amazing