A few questions…
What are you doing for health insurance?
Do you have a medical evacuation policy?
Have you packed a first aid kit?
Are you happy with your choice of bike or do you miss the 1150GS?
Any irritation issues with the 800?
Do you feel that the alternator is adequate
How are you maintaining your chain?
Are you carrying any spare parts?
How many clothes did you pack?

Thanks in advance and ride safely.

Have a great trip

Hello Dudley,

These are all questions that one must consider as we go on a big ride especially out of country. Have spoken with many on these issues as I prepared for my trip. There is certainly no One answer as to the best way!!

Health Insurance. I have maintained my health insurance through Cobra in the US. Know that it will not do me any good unless I needed major medical and I get back to USA. Researched lots of options but I am seeing it as Catastrophic medical. Any small issues I will pay along the way, and it will be much cheaper than the US.

MedJet in case I really need evacuation.

Have a full First Aid kit including Cipro, Pain meds, Malaria meds.

In Mexico the 800 is a HUGE bike. But personally I wanted to have two cylinder bike for the smoothness. Certainly a 650 would be more than enough bike down here. Miss my GS but not here. It fits me well. The 800 is very comfortable and is running well.

No issues with the 800. Other than I feel a bit overloaded especially since I have been carrying an extra rear tire that I will put on in a couple thousand miles. Will be glad to have the weight and bulk off the top of my bike. Have a few other extra items that I will talk about later when I get the chance to use them, and will be glad I have them.

Alternator is OK. Not been an issue.

Lubing my Chain every few days. I did bring a spare chain, but really probably was over kill. Would have been OK just to have 5-6 link piece plus masters. But I was planning on mostly solo so being prepared to get myself out if I had an issue was my thinking. Some other odds and ends, like oil filter, air filter that take up space, but will be easier when I need them.

Cloths weight about 8 lbs. 3 quick dry tee shirts, 5 pairs of underwear, 1 part shorts, 1 pair long pants, long sleeve shirt, Sweater (have not used for a few months but when you need it :), 3 pairs of socks, Riding boots, Sandals, and a pair of the five toes shoes because they are really small, but I have yet to wear them 🙂 That’s it. All good. Wash in the sink or have them done when in a bigger city. See next post 🙂

Thanks for asking!