Tuesday Morning. I was up early, not sure if the replacement shock would arrive. But checked tracking and it showed out for Delivery!

So i walked down to the DHL office….. They were still sorting packages, but I saw mine in the pile!

Back to the Fawlty Towers Backpackers.Which had been home for last 6 days!

Got back quickly to install the replacement shock!

Got it installed in under an hour…… and packed up and headed out to Namibia. ! We had to change our riding plan as it would have been too big a stretch to ride up to Malawi and back given our timeframe, so decided to just head out to Namibia!

Our Friends Marcelo and Jacqueline from Uruguay were excited that our part had arrived!!

We road west on the M10 to the border…..

Of course that means getting rid of the Zambian Kwatcha

Stamped out of Zambia quickly

Then filled out the paperwork for Namibia

Then we are into Namibia in under one hour!! This is my 27th Country of the trip!

We road west across the Caprivi Strip!! We were in the heat of the day and temps reached mid to high 90’s (35-39C)

It was an amazing ride as we had dark clouds and some rain. Wish I could have taken a photo that would share the fresh smell of the rain and earth! It was stunning!! The cool rain, and the amazing smell of the earth and flora around us. You could almost taste the smell of the land! WOW. Cannot really do it justice in words, but trust me it is locked into my memories as a Highlight of Africa!!

We stopped in Kongola, and saw a sign for a lodge…. Road 4 Km down a sandy track!

And stopped to find out that we had to take a short boat ride out to the lodge on the Kwando River. So off we go. It was threatening another thunderstorm, so being on the water was good!

We stayed here. The owner Andrea was great!!! mazambala http://www.mazambala.com\

On the 15 minute boat trip we saw Hippos and other animals….

When we arrived, Jorg says, “hey, I have seen this lodge on a Ride Report”…..

“Oh Yea, Charlie Borman stays here with his tour!”

Has a huge viewing platform.

Cheers to you Charlie

and we had time to smell the Flowers too!

Down for dinner!

But a stunning African Sunset!!

Back on the road in Africa!! Glad to be moving again!!