Riding North! in the North Island

Picked up my Bike on Friday afternoon from Experience BMW in Auckland. They were great in getting my Shock rebuilt and my service done. Sebastian Elter is the service Manager and was great! He even got my Steering head bearings and Front wheel bearing covered under warranty! The steering head bearings were shot ….. Yikes too many Topes, gravel roads in South America

Here is Sebastian

My bike in service getting sorted out. Riding like a new bike now. Amazing how you get used to things, then have then fixed and you remember… Yes that is much better!

Picking up my bike. Sebastian was really thorough and appreciated his attention to all the details so I could be ready to ride!

For the couple days awaiting my bike, I had the pleasure of enjoying Dick and Diana’s Hospitality! Including watching the sail boat races happening Wednesday Night

Sunset as Dick and I solved all the worlds problems over a couple beers. Amazing how easy it is


One evening Dick says to me; “you will like this book of riding in India”…..

Hey…. I know CJ, and I have been on that bike CJ fans all over the world!

And Dick took me out to the beaches West of Auckland… Pointing out some of the finer points of beach life in NZ

All is all. Lots of time to smell the roses here in NZ.

After the repairs on my bike, I was able to pass inspection at VTNZ

Then it was time to ride. Dick rented a Tenere 1200 so that he could ride with me up the north Island!! off we go. Note that I drew and Arrow on my windshield to remind me “stay Left”

First gas stop . $2.29 NZD per Liter = $ 7.60 per Gallon . And we are complaining in the states it is approaching $4.00

Riding North. Dick had placed a “motorcycle Diaries” in one of his cereal boxes and another WIKI read it, and made contact with him. Mike and His wife now live in California and own http://www.kiwiindian.com We met them for coffee on our way north. They have been building Indian Motorcycles in California since 1988 and he has quite a name for his bikes in the US. Was great to meet Mike and Caroline. He helped RTWDoug with his Indian while Doug road around the world

Heading up the west coast of the north Island…. Nice white Sand beaches!

Added a pink inspection label to the left side of my windscreen to help remind me to stay left. Has actually been fairly easy ….. the only place I really have to concentrate is pulling out onto the road.. Look both ways twice helps

Beautiful roads riding north. Light traffic, nice surfaces and beautiful twists!

Stopped for a bit of lunch!

Ah… 75 degrees F, Sunshine and beautiful views. Perfect riding conditions!

Arrived to Russell. Nice little harbor town.

Liked this sign.

Short Ferry ride.

Then to see where New Zealand started as New Zealand

The Maori People signed agreements with the British Empire in 1840 establishing New Zealand. The Maoris were given full british protections….

One of the Maori War canoes.

We arrived late afternoon to some Friends house which is in Mangonui . Had a great dinner and evening talking about life, motorcycling, etc.

So I am on the road again! Exploring NZ. really has been great! Looking forward to the next two months riding here….