Big Thank You to IceCreamSoldier, for sharing their home, family and really great time with the Kids. He is an awesome Dad, and not just to his kids but all the kids in the Schools and Neighborhood! His impact in his own community is priceless!

Paul, Jill, Call, Nick and Vanessa!! :feel good

and a great cook too!

Paul posted this on my ADV thread

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Something that’s not obvious is that these kids now think that doing something like Mark has done is quite possible and maybe even normal. They’ve seen him three times. They didn’t freak out when they saw him yesterday, it’s as if they “knew” this day was coming all along. He has removed the stigma of travel and overcoming obstacles that may be part of their personal family experience. I suppose they’ll meet someone at a picnic or a party someday that will be crowing about a ride or a hike or a sail, and one of these girls will say……. ” uh, my friend rode a motorcycle around the world for two years “……… You are a terrific inspiration for these kids, I’m sure the last page regarding the RadioKids will not be finished for awhile !! I am positive you will ride with one of these kids someday

PS……. most important, Vanessa said all the kids were talking about you at school today …oh, and they loved the stickers

Thanks Paul!

I get on the bike in the afternoon, and ride westward to meet up with KennyM. Sun is shining, and my heart is full of Joy! Connecting with the kids was really a great experience!

On my way, I rode through Napa Valley, and stopped for Gas. A CHP SUV pulls up next to me……. I am wondering, Hummm what have I done and He smiles big, and says, “hey your the famous Radioman”

He has been reading my thread and was wondering if I would ride through his area…… and was shocked to see it was me!!

He pulls away, we are both smiling.

I finish getting my gas, checking my phone and he comes back…… “hey, have you had lunch?” ……… So Oscar also takes me to lunch!!! was great meeting you and looking forward to your RR as you ride south after retirement!!! You can do it!!

And lastly, Paul had posted on his FB account that I was heading off out of his driveway ….. Some of the Mom’s posted in, and Mrs S, and one of the girls moms posted this. How very cool is this!! Catherine!! So glad you are following along. Hope that my Journey helps you realize that you can live your dreams!!