Been busy exploring the Sydney area, so have not posted up.

Friday had the overview tour with Lee, then covered some of the same places on land.

The weekend was busy as I started off going with my friends Craig and Jenny to Royal National Park for a bit of a bush walk.

We started at Garie beach, and hiked north across the beach then along the headlands.

Just stunning!

It is approaching winter here, so the temps are not too hot. Light breeze made it perfect to take a hike! and the blue skies and sunshine were great!

Up on the ridge we were in the bush. Sandy paths and encroaching flora.

Then short views over the headlands.

and who is this tall guy 🙂

We stopped and ate lunch overlooking the trek, then carried on down to this little Billabong ( from WIKI Billabong (pron.: /ˈbɪləbɒŋ/, bil-ə-bong) is a Wiradjuri word that is used for an isolated pond that is left behind after a river changes course.[1] Billabongs are usually formed when the path of a creek or river changes, leaving the former branch with a dead end. Billabongs, reflecting the arid Australian climate in which these “dead rivers” are found, fill with water seasonally and are dry for a greater part of the year.[2]) with a waterfall. Craig, Jenny and I capturing the moment.

As we walked the 8-10 KM there was lots to see. Love the textures and colors!

and the sounds of the birds and the pounding surf!

Must seemed right to make my first jump while taking in the beauty of Eagle rock (see it in the background?)

It is getting dark at about 5PM …… so we had to plan for getting back to the car before darkness.

Surfers were getting the last of the waves.

SUNDAY. Met up with a friend of a friend from the states who has lived in OZ for a long time. Met her up in North Sydney. We went to church at C3, which was great.

Then wandered around a local Organic market, had some coffee and crepes!


Loved some of the packaging ! good sense of humor!

Lady Di waving to our friend Wendy in Oregon!

Di then took me sightseeing in her neighborhood, including a great Butchery with really fantastic Sausages!

Lots of options

Then some more great beaches!

and we could not resist a photo of Di on the bike with her Red Shoes.

Then off to meet up with Craig and Jenny in Manly to see the penguin come ashore, but it did not happen….The others had all gone out to sea, but one older penguin was still arriving. So we had a great dinner in Manly.


Sorting out my plans for my ride, then into Sydney to walk the Botanical Gardens, and pick up some road maps.

As I walked through Sydney, lots of school kids in uniforms!

Sat on a bench and enjoyed the view. Looks like it was donated by someone. Liked the placard. wonder what the story is?

Nice views from the park.

Some birds in the park

and artwork to enjoy!

and finally….. Jumping for joy! Very cool being in Australia.

Tomorrow…. will start Riding!