As I reenter my adventure on the road, it is taking a bit of time to get sorted back out again. Have some extra gear I brought down for Young James, Hector and Sherri Jo, so my bike feels loaded down. I also returned with extra stuff that I though I needed. In the process of wedding out everything that is truly “extra” and getting rid of it.

So I rode out of Quito headed south to Banos with Larry from BC (atadold on ADV). It took me awhile to get my bike loaded so we left around noon (yikes) ….. It was only a 4 hour ride direct as we decided it was too late to ride the road into Quilotoa Lake.

But first a quick stop to Say Hola to Guido at Los Choris. Be sure to stop by and see him if in Quito. His restaurant is across the street from Hotel Quito.

We headed out the tunnel through the bypass… Goodbye Quito Had a great time here !!

It has been very dry here the last couple months so there are lots of fires even right up to the city.

We arrived in Banos at about 4 and stayed at this great Hostel recommended by many people.

Hotel Cheminee $8.5 per person double. Just a block from main Hot Springs and close to town. Great parking and Carlos the owner is great!!

We took a walk around town and saw this bike. Would have loved to talk to the rider……

Real adventurer

Loved the spoke signs…..

Dinner the first night at Cafe Hood. Good food. You see these masks in Ecuador and they are all different and very interesting.

Back in South America again. Got to remember the rules. As a gringo it takes some getting used to.

Great view of a waterfall from the breakfast cafe at the hotel.

Good look over town as well. Bit cloudy today.

I always like the signs that I see. Item 5, just made me laugh.

Right near the hot springs….. Place to do Laundry

and also the Springs of the Virgin Mary. beautiful setting to relax.

Banos is a noted tourist area, with Hot springs, spa’s and all kinds of outdoor adventures, biking, 4 wheel dune buggies, rafting, climbing, hiking, etc. Place you could spend some time doing these things.

Next day we took a ride down the Canyon toward Puyo which is in the Amazon Jungle. Always interesting to see the street vendors. Lots of full pigs prepared for a meal.

We stopped and took a 10 minute walk down to see a waterfall… It was huge and fun to be in the mist. But the hike back up took 30 minutes as it was a steep climb.

Down the valley there were many water falls.

You could Zip line over to this one.

Then we rode up into the mountain toward the Volcano. But we could not see it

Fun exploring! Lots of greenhouses growing fruits, vegetables !

After exploring around and a great dinner at the Swiss Bistro we signed up for a Steam Bath in a box at the hotel. Might as well try out some of the local attractions.

it was a 45 mile experience of Hot steam in the box, and then torturous cold water treatments But it felt great!

Was great to be back on the road, but I am feeling the pull to continue south as I had spent a fair amount of time in Ecuador, I need to get my bike serviced in Lima. So I only stayed a couple night in Banos. Larry stayed on to explore and I would leave on Saturday morning to ride to Cuenca.