The solo ride to Cuenca

Headed out of Banos riding to Cuenca for one last stop before heading into Peru. Not far from town I hit a police checkpoint and had to get off the bike and produce all my paperwork. Was not real problem, just part of being on the road in a foreign country Many times they just wave us through, but today it was a full stop.

Many of the town have large sculptures at their entrances.

Was a great day to ride the 240 miles. Started at 5,900 feet in Banos (1,800 Meters) and rode over two places 11,800 (3,600 meters) With temps from 46F (7C) to 77F (25C). See the road across the way. Nice!

Amazing views. The farms are on steep ground ….

Love the local dress of the Ecuadorians in the Andes.

Arrive Cuenca at about 3pm in time to unload my bike, and get settled in. Have some gear to sort out and get rid of some…. Always a challenge!

It is fun coming back to a place you have been, as you know your way around! Had a great dinner at La Vina in Cuenca.

Weather is nice. Nice churches and other building to see in Cuenca.

Sunday I decided to go to an english service at a Church I visited before. Was great as I kept in contact with Gary and Sue who are American living here. They were great encouragement last time I was here. Gary and Sue who we so kind and took me to lunch. It was great to be at a worship service!

Or the English version.

It was great to be able to see friendly faces that I met before, One guy even greeted me. “hey it’s Radioman”

Just a couple pictures around town….

and construction project going on!

Have been trying to capture my thoughts from being on the road. It is sometimes hard as I had many thoughts in the 5.5 hour ride to Cuenca. I will start by saying that I am full of Gratitude to be able to make such an adventure. As I ride through the countryside I see and interact with locals who work to survive, and the idea of this kind of trip is just way out of there world of possibilities. I am Thankful each day. I have great family, friends, ADV community that are supportive and interested. I am healthy and have this opportunity. Humbled to the core with this blessing.

It is also part of my travels to meet people, see cultures and learn. Observing is so much apart of this ride for me. I love the feelings of motorcycling, the freedom to go, stop, and explore. I have said it before, but the best part of the travel is the people I meet and interact with, including online. Meeting and seeing the locals in their land, but also other travelers from all over the world. Very cool! As Larry and I traveled it really struck me how many young women are out traveling and not too many young men. For example at the hostel in Banos, We were having breakfast and there was a table of 11 young women and only one guy. Wish I was young again

Lastly the decision to make this chapter of my life about Adventure and travel. In times when I am on my own, it is time to be reflective. About Life in general, my wife and the journey it was to take care of her to the end. And now another chapter knowing I will have much more of life ahead of me God Willing. For me, these are important things to think about during this time on the road!

Thanks for following along, engaging in this adventure!