After a great nights sleep listening to the waves crash to the beach, had breakfast and then walked the 3Km down the beach to town to get some money from an ATM.

A few other people out in the AM enjoying the beach!

And of course it is a touristy town so this lady was wearing many hats to sell to the touristico’s

Local rode his bike down…. Liked the photo

And some dead sea life on the beach

Lots of fishing boats

While in town I checked in on Boris who was just leaving the Hostel in Cuenca when I was. Boris is from Canada and on his travels down through Central America he decided to by a Suzuki 125 and ride it to South America . Young school adventure at it’s finest!! Love it. Small bike, almost no gear but he was doing it!

Back at hotel to hang out at the pool and relax with some of the other guests doing the same.

Decided to have dinner with Boris and Jason from Ireland. Had a great steak dinner. WOW.

Steak was great about 2″ thick. cost about $16 USd but worth it!

ended up taking a mototaxi back to the hotel…. that is the only problem in being outside of the main town.

Yesterday I was up early had a good breakfast then rode down the coast of Peru about 600 Km (360 miles) to another beach town called Huanchaco. This northern part of peru is flat and not really much to see and do. Since I am riding alone, I do not mind making a longer day to avoid staying in towns that are not so great to enjoy. This was the longest riding day I had done since Central America……

First I had to fill up with fuel for the day. After $2.00 Gal gas in Ecuador, it was shocking (no really I knew it was coming!) Gas was $50 Soles ($19.60 USD) for 2.9 gallons 6.76 per Gallon and we complain in the US about $4.00 GAl

Lots of this going down the coast. Funny to see 1970 Chrysler cars on the road….

Some cool sand dunes

Arrived in Huanchaco about 3:30 and found a hotel right across from the beach. Traveling solo I am spending more for a room, but in these kinds of spots I end up spending extra for a view room. Might get depressed with a room in the back with no windows. I think it is worth it for me to do this!

Hostel Huankarute. Really nice owner! was 90 Soles ($35.20) for this huge room with a view

Another nice Peruvian Sunset!

I walked down the street to find a bite to eat. and I see this bike….. I know it. So I ask where the owner is….. A guy at the restaurant goes upstairs and Mike comes down!! We had just emailed about my aduana paperwork, and I run into him and his wife Jill. We hung out for the evening!!

They stayed here for really cheap 🙂

Walked about town today and relaxed. Catching up on some emails and logistics. These are the local reed canoes.

Local fisherman head out in the morning and get to work.

Local kids playing football near the sea. Must be a school activity!

Nice start to my ride in Peru!