Just keep riding south

Decided to just keep riding to spots of interest instead of riding shorter days and stopping in towns that are not much to see. Riding Solo this is easier to do, and for me more enjoyable! Knew this day would be a bit longer in the saddle as I would be riding some gravel roads for about 60-70 miles through the Canon Del Pato.

But first down the coast toward Chimbote.

Always amazed at how much can be overloaded on the trucks.

Lots more dunes to ride through on the way.

I get to Santa (just north of Chimbote) at about 10:30 am, road to Chimbote and got gas, then back tracked to find the place to start riding out to the mountains and Canon Del Pato. It was sort of hard to find the way. But finally I stopped and asked a few time and headed out of Santa toward Huallanca which is the only sign I could see in the direction. Was not sure if I was actually on the right roads to get to Canon Del Pato. GPS did no good, maps were not too helpful, asked many people on the way and got only slightly better feel that I might be going in the right place.

Finally I was out of the plains and headed to the mountains…

Right after (insert town) the road turns to gravel and continues up into the mountain. I hope this is the right road, as I am only one on it for couple hours…..

But there are tunnels like I have seen on others rides in the canyon…..

Definitely amazing scenery as the rock walls climb up, and the road continues along the Rio Santa.

More and more….. GPS shows no roads or towns, just my track.

At some point I cross the river and start heading up to a town called Yuramarca. Then my GPS picks up a route to Caraz.

It is still out there where there are no too many vehicles…

Just about another mile down the road…… I get a flat was a bit hard to tell in the gravel but I stopped to check

Yup Flat alright

Picked up a nail….. First Flat of my trip so far. Fortunately I have been carrying all the gear for the situation!! Love it when I use what I bring!

Jump to it. Remove the rear wheel….. And the large nail.

Not much around, and it was warm at 80 degrees F

All spread out in the dirt and dust!

about a half hour and I am putting it all back on and ready to ride in 40 minutes. Feels good being prepared and able to just carry on!

Come to a small town, and Electrical Power Plant. Canon Del Pato it is!!

Then up the hill about 40 KM to the town of Caraz!

Little road work, and grading. Nice soft dirt with rocks to make the uphill a challenge!

30 tunnels or so up the hill. Some with sort of blind corners….

Light at the end of the tunnel or a vehicle?

Great ride today. Arrived in Caraz, found the hotel San Marco got my old tube patched at a shop for $1.85 USd and found some dinner!

Will post photos of this, but internet is acting up again…