Finally was able to upload the rest of my photos from Canon Del Pato. With the sheer cliffs, gravel road, and tunnels I continued on my ride.
After the dam, I finally saw a sign telling me I was on the right road.

Along the river

Starting to rise in Elevation.

Some waterfalls along the way.

Huge overhangs …… Yea! this is beautiful and vast. No one else around on this part of the Canon…..

As I gained altitude I finally hit pavement again. The as I started to leave the Canon Del Pato on my way to Caraz.

Start to see a bit of vegetation as I head toward 7,000 feet (2,200 Meters)

Into the high Valley.

I reach the small town of Caraz. it is a greta little town with typical Peruvian color and culture at the base of some huge mountains.

I find a hotel San Marcos which is just 30M down hill from the main Square. As I ask about secure parking….. They decided that i should park in their living room I have parked my bike in so many places that it feel normal

Get settled into my room. Many of the small hotel have locks like this.

The sun is going down and the clouds are building in the mountains. I had been checking weather so that I would come up the canon in nice weather to see the maximum views. But I know rain is on the way in the higher altitudes

I had an extra rear tube but no patch kit….. So went down to the local tire repair guy….

He patched it right up for $1.95 (im sure it is Gringo pricing…but what am I to do).

Just a couple observations and confirmations.Even in these small quiet towns many businesses and homes have large gates and security. Hard for me to get used to this.

I have seen many buildings and sheds that have this woven mat to stop the wind, and keep people out. Fun seeing the patterns and textures of these mats.

I have read many times about the dogs in Peru being very aggressive toward motorcycle and barking and chasing out in front of you. And it’s true. No photos yet, but they come running. I typically slow down and then gas it by them. Just have to be very alert in the small towns. The dogs through Mexico and Central America were fairly docile and looked fairly weak. Not sure why but maybe here in Peru they are “pets” and are more protective.

The Peruvian Ladies mostly wear these large woven hats and colorful cloths.

Sunday Morning I was up early for a walk. Of course there was a Market area. Lots of color!

Bring their meat to the market.

and folks going to church.

Lots of the Moto Taxi’s to carry people and goods around. These basket are filled with the local bread.

The high snow capped mountains peak out of the clouds…

I am in this High valley just below the stunning mountains. Have ridden to Huaraz which is a much bigger town just an hour south. Lots of trekking and mountain climbing going on in the andes!