Got to Huaraz on Saturday morning as it is only an hour from Caraz. Stayed a hostal called Joe’s Place with a small spot for two bike. was 30 Soles (11.76 USD) for a single room.

Met up with a couple of English folks. Cress is riding her bicycle in south America and doing some trekking for over a year down here. Tom is checking out the trekking for a travel service based in Spain. Always great to meet other travelers!

We had a great dinner here.

Just 5 hours from Lima, and know that I need to get some things done while there including a Brazil Visa which can take a week. So I ride on to Lima Monday Morning.

Huaraz is at 3,000 Meters (9,842 feet). and the mountains are showing rain/Snow this week. I ride off down the “valley”

The air is cool and crisp!

Some Beautiful mountains in the distances, but mostly covered in clouds.

As I ride, I see that I am climbing to 4,051 Meters (13290 feet)

Wide open spaces. Loving the ride. It is great!

Wishing the mountains be clear ….. They are awesome to look at!

Stop to take a photo when I see a bit of clearing…..

Then I continue on knowing that I will be dropping down to the Panamerica coast road …..

As I descend down the switchback and into the lower valleys, I see crops growing and then lots of corn and peppers drying in the sun.

Once on the Panamerican Hwy, I come across my first “protest”.

As I asked what was happening one of the truckers said that the Professors where Protesting…. They do this by piling up rocks and brush and burning to stop the traffic. I waited about 1/2 hour while the policia show up and clear the road…..

On down the Hwy to Lima.

As you ride into big cities, Lima is about 9 million or so…. it is always difficult as the traffic increases, I had heard the drivers where a bit crazy….. and finding the locations can be difficult. My first stop is to the BMW dealer to have a service done on my bike.

Miles from Lima the traffic starts to build….


But I had studied my maps, and was ride to the dealer fairly easily!

I arrive at the BMW motorad is part of the Mini auto dealer. They were expecting me, as I emailed ahead to Eduardo!! Who is the head of the service department and speaks english!!

I off load my gear and they call a driver to deliver to the hotel….

I found this hostal which was very nice …. But more expensive. 111 Soles ($43.5 USD) but I know that I need a good nights rest and I will need to get to the Brazilian Consulate in the morning to start the Visa process.

Traveling solo has had my expenses go up. So far I am averaging about $62.00 day with room and fuel and food. Just part of the travel. I have heard it from many others who trvel south that it is more expensive that Mexico, or central….. So I am prepared for this.