Lima is a large city, and I have had stuff to do, like my Brazil Visa, BMW service, Laundry etc. It is one of the stops on the way that you feel like just relaxing and not rushing about trying to see things. So much of the journey is seeing things outside of the big city at least for me.

At breakfast this was the placemat……… Like it!

But I did do a tour on the double decker to see a bit of the city, with Jordan and Anne which was fun. Then last night we took a cab to the “Magic Fountains” in central Lima.

Here they are in the “tunnel of water” Very cool colors and was fun to walk through the large park.

And more fountains before we reach the main attraction.

Saw several young girls dressed up for photos, and posing by the fountains. Assume it was Quinceanera

Then the main fountain with a laser show…

This morning I was just taking a walk down by the ocean, Parque Amour.

Your high above the ocean looking out to the west. Has been cloudy since I got here. Getting anxious to ride on.

Nice views.

Lots of surfers taking advantage of the breakers.

Then at the appointed time, I walked back to the Brazilian Embassy. Hoping that they would have my visa done otherwise I would have a whole 5 more days as next week as a holiday Monday and Tuesday. Was anxious, But It was ready! OK. Ready to depart Lima in the AM!! Great!!