Haucachina to Nazca

Had a relaxed morning around town, made sure to smell the flowers

The dunes are full of people sand boarding and riding dune buggies…

Peaceful Oasis in the morning

Then riding down the road about 90 Miles to Nazca.

Arrived just after noon to take a look at then famous Nazca Lines. Stopped at the Tower overlook about 12 miles north of town…. you get a slight look at the spider, but it is hard to gain perspective.

The best way to see them is by small airplane. So I went to the airport after checking into my hotel. Was a bit of a hectic place that you sign up and pay then wait for a few hours until they get you on a flight.

They need this reminder?

We will be flying for 35 minutes to see the large “drawings” in this desert area.

Here we go!!!

Out over the desert

Then the pilot does circles so the left side can see and then the right side!

This is the hummingbird

On this group of mountains you can see the Astronaut on the front lower mountain, It was really visible from the air.

It was an interesting flight…..

Back on the ground safe and sound.

Stayed here at the Hotel Don Hono just off the main Plaza de Armas Was $60 Soles ($23.50 USd) single Pravato Very nice place!

Love all the fruit carts around town.

Had a great dinner at:

Then in for the night. Heading for Cusco and Machu Picchu . We stay there at least 10 days…. and looking forward to the time stopped and ability to explore the area.

Long day of riding today if I am going to make Cusco