Looking forward to being on the road again after 5 days off the bike. Lima has been, in a word. Grey.

But had a great time with Jordan and Anne who are from the PNW!! Riding their KLR around SA for 6 months.

We have been getting together for Lunch or Dinner and a bit of sightseeing! Has been fun Safe travel to you both! See you down the road or up in Seattle!!

We also ran into Nick who also has a KLR. He is hanging around Lima as his money has run dry

He is at this Hostel which seemed to be a cool place to want to hang out. Just a few blocks from Parque Kennedy.

At dinner I finally tried the local drink…… Tastes like bubble gum. was fun to try but certainly not to my tastes.

Off I go for a ride down the coast!! (will end up in Huacachina- a desert Oasis)