Staying in Cusco for couple weeks, so that I can take some more spanish lessons, explore and relax and then see Machu Picchu. Always lots of things you have to figure out like where to buy your tickets for the sights. Like the “Boleto Turistico Del Cusco” and then entrance into Machu Picchu and the Huayna Picchu (big hill next to MP that has great photo ops!) but you have to pay more and reserve a spot.

Since there are many Gringo’s in town…. the local pubs are great to meet some other traveler. I was at the Norton Rats Pub.

Signed the Motorcycle Guest book!

At the pub, I met “V” from NYC area. Had a great set of conversations about life. Great guy who had been here meeting friends after doing the Inca trail hike. We talked about Fate, Faith, Soul and God for part for the evening! Cheers!

In the background was Leo who is the “tour agency” at my hotel and a really nice guy who rides a motorcycle. He got me playing Darts…. Did not go well but the second game was closer

By the way….. I am now here on the South America Map. Still a long way to Ushuaia and lots to see along the way!

While waiting for Spanish class I was reading about the area, and all the statistics ….. Amazing learning about all these places that i am traveling in. of course it’s not always good news.

I needed a couple parts for the Scottoiler that I am about to install, so they sent them to me at my hotel. was so glad they arrived!

The next day at my Spanish class we took some time to walk to the San Pedro Market and use some of the Spanish we are learning. Helping to reinforce new Vocabulary!

The Market is broken into Sections. Here are the Ladies and their breads!

Lots of cool displays of products to buy.

Fresh Olives!

Fresh Queso (Cheese)

Black corn, Grains and Potatoes

Meet David from my class of two He is a young guy from Denmark. We stopped to have a typical disk of Rice and Eggs. Was a busy place, and lunch was 2.5 Soles (or under $1.00)

Was tasty!

David and our teacher for the next week.

After Class David and his buddy Mathias and I decided to get our Tourist sightseeing ticket and walk up to see Saqsayhuaman which are Inca ruins high above the city. The name is pronounced very close to “Sexywoman”

Up we go!

We start to have a really good view of the city of Cusco.

Then we climb higher into the actual ruins….

The huge stones placed together to create the walls are really interesting.

And we get a great view down to Plaza de Armas

A picture with all of us. Really liked hanging out with these guys!

Wanted to get some photos so Mathias climbs up on a big rock, but quickly a guard is yelling at him!!

he had to get down quick…

and settle for more acceptable photos!

Amazing the size of the rocks and how they are fit together!

The cuts are extremely straight and sharp.

Wahoo! Had to get a Jump in! Fortunately David caught my jump on the first try ! we are over 11,000 feet!

HUGE area…. Just try to imagine the Inca building this.

Then I got to get a photo with the guys and a very pretty Peruvian woman who was doing some sort of photo shoot!

Next we walked up to the Blanco Cristo. Sort a smaller version of one in Rio

God is watching over these guys! They are here to work at an orphanage !

Just a small view of Saqsayhuaman that looks over the city!

Another night I get a PM from Kito. A british guy who is riding solo around South America (and many other parts of the world). We met for a beer at the pub to share stories and Celebrate his Birthday!! Cheers David. Safe riding!

Also Put my sticker in the Moto rider Book!

Some Big Road Rallye taking place, as the Plaza was full of cheering fans of the road race!

Next night had to stop at the Irish Pub.

Just some of what I have been up to in Cusco the past few days!