My time back in the USA is coming to a rapid close. Have had a good time being home, seeing friends and family and getting some projects done, but I am ready to get back to South America so I can keep riding to Tierra Del Fuego and beyond.As I continue this journey I am learning and watching technology evolve. As a marketing tool in the US you now see lots of square barcodes appearing on signs, packaging etc. It is a way to share web sites for information.

To stay current, I created one that links to my own Blog which is a double post of my Ride Report for non advriders. if you have a scan app on your phone this will take you to it…..

and I also decided to make some sticker made up for my ride….. They will be ready Monday!

Last weekend I was up on Whidbey and had the pleasure of meeting and Hosting GuateRider and his wife on there return ride from Alaska!!

Here is his Ride Report

Since it is the last part of summer ……. I had Julio help me pick some Blackberries….

Something he has not seen or done in Guatemala.

We took a Blackberry Pie to the community Potluck meal. Funny, but by the time we finished eating the pie was gone so we did not get to have any

Had a great evening together!

Great Sunset!

Sunday we rode into Langley to check it out.

Had to park next to some Harley Riders.

I had the chance to meet up for Lunch with some High School Buddy that I had not seen in many years! Great to see you John and Mo!

Then back to our House to relax! Beautiful Pacific NW!

Had another great evening with Julio and Luisa!! Lots of conversation about Life, Riding, Travel, Family and Politics!

Monday Morning Julio and Luisa packed up and headed out to the Olympic Pennisula!!

Off they go!! Safe Travels to you!

Then I rode into Seattle to see a childhood friend and his family. Lucy could not wait to get on the bike for a photo.

Her Mom told me a few days before Lucy told her; “I want to have a motorcycle” (wonder where she got that from ) another young ADVrider in the making

So Lucy and I practiced the “Radioman jump”……


With My childhood Friend Steve!! Had a great childhood, and still keep in touch with the “neighbor kids”

Lucy and Her mom taking a couple photos.

Then to Downtown Seattle to meet up with SGTMIKE and his family for a spot of lunch!!

Then Dinner with another High School Friend and her Brother who lives in Thailand and rides a moto!! Bummer…. we were sharing storry and videos and did not snap any photos But had a great evening!

Now I am on the final days of my time. I am with Family friends in Eastern Oregon for their sons wedding on Saturday. Then home for one day to wrap up my packing and storage of other cloths and gear I have been using while back home.

As it normally is when you start out on a new part of a journey into the unknown. There is a bit on anxiety, fear, excitement and many details flying all around my brain. Know this is normal for me, and once I get back to Quito and get my bike back up and running….. things will settle down.

Stay tuned as I will get back into a groove of posting regularly as I start riding south from Ecuador to Ushaia. !