Small Break in the riding

So While my bike is all packed up and being shipped to Australia, I will be taking a 2 1/2 week trip back to the US. I planned this long ago, as I want to continue my advocacy for Alzheimer’s Disease.

I made it back to Portlnad yesterday after a 36 hour day literally. Had a cancelled flight out of Auckland, (found out as I arrived at airport at 3AM ). They rescheduled and rerouted me with bigger layovers, but I made it!

Left on April 14th at 6:45 Am—– Arrived Portland at 9PM on April 14th Crazy. Time traveling .

I will fly to Washington DC on Friday for the Alzheimer’s Advocacy Forum through the following week. Very hectic schedule as I meet with some of the other Advocates from Oregon Tuesday Night, Local Congressional Office Visit on Wednesday, Volunteering at all day Alzheimer’s Conference on Thursday and the flying cross country Friday. All for a worthy cause so I am glad to be able to do all this!!

Will land in Sydney second week of May. Hopefully Bike will be ready to pick up and get riding!!

Thanks for following along this journey that I am on.