Gravity almost always wins More on this later in this post.

We stayed at the roadside motel. Unremarkable really, but we are on the road. Packed up early looking forward to exploring the roads and area around Bucaramanga in the Santander area of Colombia.

Started with a bit of breakfast…. Eggs and bread with Cafe con leche but it started with some vegetable soup

The chicken were all around the hotel and restaurant. Fresh eats 🙂

Not sure what town it was… but the double room was 45,000 Pesos (about $23 USD).

Nice roads to ride..

Then some dirt road…

Then we took a road that Mike from Casablanca Hostels had recommended that headed up and over the mountains.

Somewhere in the mountains was a small town with paved roads (mostly ) and there are no signs, GPS is unpredictable on these roads, so we stopped and asked some local police which way to Bucaramanga . They gave us an escort through town with there lights flashing….

All the way past the edge of town where we said Mucho Gusto! Gracias!!\\

Motorcycles are the main transport around town and to carry stuff. Lots of 125 with small trailers.

As we climb up the mountain the road get muddier and rougher. James could not get TKC’s or Tourances so he was on Distanzia’s…. The muddy bits were a challenge

The kid on the back in on an old bike and his brother (i am guessing) is pulling him up the hill

Lots of animals around to sustain the locals as there are no stores nearby.

I stopped t wait for james, and the local stopped to make sure we were OK…

Cool views as we head up this mountain road.

Big trucks navigating the roads, had to pass with care.

some road work.

Bit muddy

In all of Colombia you must pay attention to the road conditions.. There are large Potholes, and big “dips” or uneven road conditions. Even on “major” roads.

Local restaurants and stores along the ride

pavement to gravel. So signs, just changes in conditions. Glad I am on a dual sport bike

As we got up to about 5,000 feet we road into the clouds. Visibility was almost none for 30-45 minutes….

At one point James stops. We are both laughing inside our helmets… No signs.. The road has about a 4 foot drop to the left side

One more reason to not ride at night (not that you need any more) …. We had to stop and take a few photos!

Finally we break through the clouds and head down the other side.

Blue sky, and Mother Mary.

Stop for Gas, and we the locals come to talk.

Town below…

We stopped to some water as it is 90 degrees. Lots of sweets and treats at this stop.

Rolling along with Stunning views of this large valley. Not one place to pull over and take a photo.

We are high in the mountains and lots of traffic….

Stunning views about an hour and half from Bucaramanga

This is where the title of my Post comes in.

We were driving very “briskly” throughout the entire day. Wisdom should have been clear to slow down ….. But Testosterone was up….. Brain function was down. Not a good combination.

At about 70 MPH my rear tire broke loose and went into a crazy tank slapper……. Down I go in a low side!

Bike sliding down the road, Radioman sliding then tumbling along the street. Must have look frightening for people behind me that I had passed. This is the part of the story that makes it clear that every $ I have spend on riding gear has paid for itself. After I stopped, I looked around, bike is in the other lane on the edge of the road, I stand up, check myself… All good. Thanks to my MOTOPORT Kevlar Mesh Gear, Aerostitch boots, Shoei Helmet. Not a scratch on me. I get to my bike turn it off, Another rider stops and helps me pick up my bike. With all the Adrenaline flowing I forgot to get a photos as there was lots of traffic on this road () Not exactly sure what caused the back tire to break loose in this particular area. Picked up my bike and rode on until I found James who had turned around to come back and check on me. Pulled off and checked the bike a bit closer. Front end took some damage

We decided to ride on to Bucaramanga to get a Hotel and decide how badly the bike is damaged. Yea, I know it will just Buff right out!! But most of all I am fine. No Damage to me at all

Here is a photo the next morning. Triple tree is straight … Notice the front wheel

Hard to get a photo really.

Hepco Becker bags took some beating, but they are fine. Just scrapes on the sides…

Front fairing took a bit of a scape as well.

After looking at the bike and talking to the guys at Ruta 40 Back in Medellin, we decided to ride back to Medellin, and have it repaired just in case I needed to get parts…. Medellin would be a good place to hang out. Rode the 280 Miles back to Ruta 40 in one day with a bike that the front end had no give. My arms are tired from this beating but otherwise I am good. My knee is actually feeling better after the get off, I think it loosed up some tight tendons as I flopped down the highway

• Life on the road stays interesting!! Will post up once they know what needs to be done, but they feel like it is fixable …. We will see.

So Learned a bit more on the road again…… Safety Third does not always work out well