Happy Thanksgiving!! Seems very appropriate for me be on my way home during this Holiday season. I am so grateful for the opportunity to ride the world, meet amazing people and have experiences many never will have. For this I am extremely Thankful!!

Added a little more of my story to the windscreen.

Had a great couple days in Sunny San Diego. The massive well paved roads….. Make me chuckle.

As I have walked this journey with Caring for Chris, and now into this new chapter. I have had the honor of meeting so many amazing people. Tony is one of them. Once he knew I was coming to San Diego, he suggested getting together! Tony is caring for his wife Patti who has Alzheimer’s Disease while in her 60’s. Tony is an awesome guy. By Grace has retired early to take care of Patti through the final stages. WE met online 6-7 years ago, and have maintained contact through each others journey’s. I count it a great blessing to have now met Tony in Person.

And as has happened so many times…… I happen to be in a place where other ADV riders happen to be. DCrider and his lovely wife are out from Washington DC for the Thanksgiving week…… I got to see them again, and share a bit of time sitting on the deck of the Hotel Del in the sun overlooking the pacific Ocean!! Great to see you two

Not a cloud in the sky as I ride back to Johnny Dakar and LAWomans home!!

John has been putting up delicious photos of all kinds of cooked meats with his new Smoker… and I got to fast some wonderful ribs!!

Thanks John and Lisa for having me stay. Loved our conversations and time together!! Tuesday Morning I rode up with John to his office….. To pick up the last of the Klim packages.

Yup! It was waiting for me!

Tied the box on the bike and road like an overloaded Hillbilly to a shipping center.

Unpacked the new Badlands Pro Jacket that will be keeping me warm and dry on the way home.

Then I loaded up the Adventure Rally Air gear and shipped it back to Klim so that their team could evaluate it. Full review written up from me, and I am sure they will look for improvements and adjustments!! Have to say I loved the gear for all the warm weather riding!!

Then I was off to ride the 400+ miles to Tucson to my brothers home, where I will spend a few days and enjoy a real American Thanksgiving Meal!!
has been two years since I was in the US for Thanksgiving. This traditions seem to really stir emotions of gratitude and thankfulness!

Rolling into Arizona with a shiny new riding suit!!

With a late start, I rode into the early evening. I do not normally ride at night…..

But had a destination. Arrived to my brothers at 7PM… It time to go get a bite to eat and unpack my gear for the next few days!

Wednesday morning I stopped by Iron Horse BMW …….

Has been over 2 years since I was last here before heading into Mexico. .
Of course they remember me They still had my old motor on the shelf They even gave me the throttle bodies as a souvenir You can see some of the damage on the one side!

I have had a bit of a vibration at about 60MPH… Was trying to figure it out. Noticed that my chain was very loose and worn….. The Namibian Sand and now the high speeds across Arizona took a toll. Purchased a new Chain and Sprocket. and will plan on installing before riding north!

I took off the front wheel and had them check the balance….. But that did not fix it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! The great American Holiday that we gather together with family and over eat a Turkey and fixings meal. Spending the Holiday with my brother and Step son. Been a long time way…. and looking forward to this time.

OK….. Off to start cooking!!