We had a great evening last night at the Driftwood Pizza Shack, as one of the owners broke out his guitar and sang Irish songs, before a Local guy arrived to sing Reggae. It was great!

Left Hopkins, Belize this morning. Sam will be staying over to enjoy the beach, and socializing at the driftwood Pizza Shack. Road the 170 miles to Tikal Area in Guatemala. Settled into a hotel, set up an english tour of the ruins for the am.

Sam and I talked a great deal about the highlights and challenges of riding in Mexico together for the last 7 weeks. We had a great journey together, and will take us both a little time to adjust to being on the road alone. No one to share the “did you see that” moments in the evenings. New steps for both of us!!

I have internet but not enough to Upload photos or my report…. Will have to wait a couple days….


Got Up at 5am to catch the early morning tour before most people arrive as well as the heat.

When seeing tourist sites…. the costs go up. Just a fact but they are certainly worth doing. Had to pay another $150 Quetzales at the park entrance. ($2.42 USD) + I paid for a tour from my Hotel about the same. But I am here and am looking forward to seeing them.

As we drove into the park there were great road signs along the way. Made you smile.

Spotted this little guy on our start into the park.

Our Guide, Boris (he is a local guide) giving us the plan for the next 4 hours….

We start by heading on a walk into some of the smaller ruins.

This majestic archaeological gem comprises 222 square miles of jungle all around the ceremonial center.

Then a bit of a jungle walk around to some of the temples.

We get to the first Temple that we will see. Lots of fog still all around, hard to get good photos.

To one side he points out the stairs….. He says it’s closed to go up……….

But then he says….. Hey it’s early ….. you can go up if you want, I’ll wait down here

The group of tourist from all over the world…… headed right up.

Not much to view from the top as the fog was thick. Boris told us it would certainly clear by the time we got to the main temples.

But a long way up. I think he said 187 feet up. Yea, no rails or safety stuff here!

Back down and more jungle want. Big giant ant hills.

They are biters as our guide showed us.

Next Temple …..

From the top you get a bit of perspectives as to the height…

More archeology happening.

Symbol for Rain god.

Bright red spot is a wood pecker.

Climbed another temple… still a bit foggy but we can now see the biggest Temples that we will be headed to.

Some serious stairs to hike up to the top of this one.

On to the main square. Getting a glimpse of Temple V.

It is huge…. cannot climb it though…

Yup I was here…..

The ruins go on and on.

And tons of photos don’t capture it.

By 1PM I am tired out. Catch my bus back to the hotel to relax. Met up with Cheyenne and His lovely wife Nohmie from LA.

We decided to go into the town of Flores find a bank, and have dinner. Kelsie who is the owners daughter who helps run the place decided to go with us! She takes us to a friends Restaurant.

Food was great. Had a good evening talking about life and travel! Thanks Cheyenne,Nohmie and Kelsie!

Another great day seeing an amazing set of ruins. And then topping it off with meeting some interesting new people!!