India was just a 6 week adventure trip to ride in the Himalayas. Was amazing and really worth it for me.

But onto the next part of my Adventure. Being back in the States is not the biggest part of my Journey but it is a really important part. Time to connect and refresh before heading back to Ecuador in Mid August!!

So spending time with my friend in Florida.

Time at the beach

and enjoying some pie 🙂

Yummy Apple Pie

Pie did not last 24 hours…..

Last two pieces for Breakfast while sitting by the pool.

Really great time indeed. Back to PDX in a week, and will have my GS to ride while I get ready for South America!

Enjoying some more time at South Beach

Some Coffee and desserts….

Driving in a fast car…..

Then having some homemade Blackberry Pie

and the waiting ……

Fresh out of the oven. mouth watering smells of fresh Pie.

We shared pie for the next Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Lasted less than 24 hours in 24 hours

Then a trip to Fairchild Botanical Gardens.

Lots of Butterflies out!

Flowers smelling good, and bring out the butterflies.

Ladybug would like this place 🙂

Larvae New butterflies soon.

Then while walking through the gift shop…….

Had a good chuckle. This break from riding has been great!!