Packed up in Coolangata.

Not too sunny, but weather temp is great!

As we packed up and rolled out of the hotel, there was a large group of young boys who were on a Footy tournament. They were liking the bikes and have a little video for later.

Then off down the coast.

Rode up the coast, and unfortunately tons of road construction in Surfers Paradise made for a long ride 23 Km to the BMW dealer in Southport where I needed to pick up oil and oil filter for servicing my bike. Past my Warranty now at 40,000Km, so I will do as much bike service as possible from now on.

It’s a Harley/BMW shop …. The guys were keen to chat about the ride

Look a Trike for my KIWI friend Ken

Dick and Diana deliver me, and sign me over to another ADV rider who posted up in tent tread. They headed north and I was hanging out a few days here on the Sunshine coast, sort of waiting for my new rear wheel to arrive from woodys. Checked the tracking and it should be in OZ today, maybe delivered to Sydney Monday…..

Next morning i took a walk down to the beach.

Through a little nature reserve.

Now I am in the land off sunshine and beaches!

Actually it is still cloudy, so I decided I needed to get my oil changed. When to remove the drain plug. Last mechanic was superman, with an air wrench The hex started to strip out

Fortunately there was a Motolife BMW dealer just down the way, that had a spare plug, and they were able to use a cold chisel and remove the old plug for me while they cleared my codes.

And I got to look at some cool bikes.

Then back to Locky’s place to change my oil … He even had a lift .


Changed oil, inspected the bike. All is well.

Staying with Locky who does Aluminium Panniers for Bikes here in OZ.