USHUAIA. and another adventure!

Spent the past few days relaxing and also editing videos that you have seen posted on my thread.

Also preparing for my expedition to Antarctica. Well……. My ship has come in.

I am all packed up and headed down to board the M/V Planus

Length:89 meters (293 feet)
Breadth:14,5 meters (47 feet)
Draft:5 meters (16 feet)
Ice class:1D
Displacement:3175 tonnes
Engines:3x Diesel-Electric
Speed:10 – 12 knots
Passengers:114 in 53 cabins

The brochure photos look like this…..

So off I go.

NOTE::: This means RADIO SILENCE for 10 days or so, as I will not bother with interent aboard the ship. Will have a few photos and commentary when I get back to dry land. Wish me luck!! Off to the big snowcovered continent!!.

Get your Christmas Shopping done, finish putting up the tree etc…… You got a bot of extra time now