After all the Christmas festivities, we relaxed and did some exploring around Ushuaia.

Climbed up to the Glacier for a little view over the city and the Beagle Channel.

The last 800 meters was steep uphill with rock, then snow!

and a trip out to the end of the road sign so Claude could get his photo!, then a hike and several of the trails

We returned and Young James left us a message. He was hoping that the “bad” guys could not read english

SlowPhil became the Grill master…..

As we dined at the apartment that we had rented.

Had time to update ride reports and blogs. SlowPhil getting a Facebook lesson from Sherri Jo

The image you see appears larger than it really is

We also went to a late showing of “El Hobbit” in 3D (could have done without the 3D).

On the 29th we needed to move to a new place because ours was booked at New Years. We packed up, and then Sj took a cab over. Moto gear filled the Cab.

Arrived at the new place ……

It is also an apartment with 4 beds on the two levels and small kitchen. Will work out as a place to rest up and then celebrate new years at the end of the world.

I have a new addition to my Moto. A small stuffed Penguin from Antarctica!!

As we walk about the new area we are staying, we see some graffiti

Mail some postcards (Claude left this one for us to mail….. our responsibility is done )

SlowPhil and James had a bit of bike maintenance. Phil using my chain breaker to shorten his worn chain. Glad my chain breaker got used!